What are some of the Best Cat Toys 2018?

A lot of cat owners feel that cats are loners and like to stay alone. However, they actually crave attention and love, and plenty of activity to stay in the best mood. It would also be a good idea to keep a number of cat toys to prevent them from getting bored. With the right toys, you can make a ‘loner’ cat avoid boredom and not mess up things in your home. Know about some of the best toys to entertain your cat with when it is feeling lonely.

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Trixie Cat Toy 

It is a wonderful toy, where you can toss in a few kibble pieces and let your cat move towards a treat with its paw and some strategies. This is an amazing toy for cats that are driven by foods. It has a peg-and-tunnel design with multiple tiers that can be reset to keep the interest level of cats intact. Due to its multifaceted design and reasonable cost, it is wonderful to keep lonely cats engaged.

Easyology Pets Amazing Cat Roller Toy

This is another amazing toy. This 3-level tower lets your cats move colorful balls about it. It has an intelligent design and can be enjoyed simultaneously by more than one cat. If you have more than one cat at home, it can be a particularly good choice for you. You can easily pop the balls into the tracks and out of them. The toy has a more or less lightweight construction, and has non-skid pads that prevent it from toppling over.

PetSafe FUNKitty Egg Cersizer Interactive Toy

This is a perfect toy for cats that tend to eat foods too fast, and choke on eatables quite often. It is more or less straightforward in design and easy to use. You can fill up the plastic egg with kibble, so that it can be moved around by your cat easily as it attempts to get out food from a small hole. It is very useful for slowing down cats that eat too quickly, and for kittens that are overweight and can benefit with some exercise.

Pawaboo Electronic Cat Toy

This is a battery-operated toy that can keep up your cat’s interest level high. The toy consists of a mouse that is run by battery power, and which darts out of and into holes as your feline companion attempts to chase and follow it. It makes for a very amusing toy for cats.