What are Some of the Best Car Accessories 2018?

When you have a car and have got over the first round of driving and testing it, you will like to go beyond and accessorize it to make the most of your vehicle. The right accessories can make your road trips more enjoyable and feel more like a 21st century car owner with the power of technological advancement serving you all through your journey. Find out about some of the best Car Accessories 2018 that you can go for.

Bestek Jump Starter

Jumper cables can be ideal in case you like to get a friendly jolt from another car. However, these are quite useless in case you are in a region that is more isolated. In such situations, the self-powered portable Bestek Jump Starter can be perfect. It comprises of a flashlight and dual USB ports to support your mobile devices.

Fobo Tire Plus

It makes use of various Bluetooth gauges that can work more effectively than a handheld, manual pressure gauge and make sure that your tires are inflated properly. The Tire Plus system sends direct alerts to your smartphone when your car tire pressure gets too low. The handy app comes with a tutorial having instructions that can easily be followed. You can install the app in less than 5 minutes. When tires are well inflated in a more uniform manner, its lifespan can be increased and you can actually save more on fuel expenses.

Ztylus Stinger

This handy accessory lets you be prepared for a potential car accident. In case your car doors and windows get jammed after a collision or mishap, the accessory can let you easily break the car window or dashboard and quickly make an exit before it catches fire or explodes. The Stinger has a small blade on its back area, which can be handy to cut a seat belt that jams after an accident and makes escape impossible.

Scosche USB Charger

This charger lets you charge two devices simultaneously. As you start gathering more gadgets for your car, you have to ensure that these can be kept charged and working all the time. The Scosche USB Charger has USB hubs comprising of more ports and you can easily charge multiple devices on the go. The device is made special by the fact that it comes with a lower price tag, despite the excellence in charging more than one device. It is worth buying this one.